Rochester - Local Authors

Local Authors ...

Featuring Rochester and surrounding areas published author's books on consignment or sold at Mood Makers. Contact MMB for additional information on these books and other local authors...

Djed Ra Maat -   "ITISU"   -   (Poetry)    $14.95

Marsha Jones, Author of two books - 

"Win Win" -  (Novel)  $19.95

"Love Begins with Truth" (Novel) 19.95

Rev./Dr. Kenneth Q James - Author of two books ...

"First Yes"  (Religion)  $15.99

"A Principle Within" (Religion)  $14.99

Miquel A. Powell -   " Love Pain: Feelings of a Man ..."-  (Poetry) $14.95

Dr. Carolyn LaDelle Bennett  Author of three books non-fiction ...

" No Room for Despair" (How to Hope in Troubled Times) $19.95

"Break Down" (Violence in Search of U (you)-Turn) $19.95

"No Land an Island - No People Apart" $19.95

L.R. Highsmith - "Vicissitudes:" ...   (Poetry)    $15.00   

John E. Poindexter - "Last of the Cotton Pickers" (Memoir) $12.95

Lee Charles - Author of ...

"How Can Mr. Right Be Mr. Wrong So Many Times" (Novel) $14.95

"Soul Power: An Urban Fantasy" (Novel)  $12.99

Carol Elizabeth Owens - Author of two books ...

"Diamonds in Black - "Eintou in Mind" strength,shape, beauty (Poetry) $5.00

"Effusion of Fourteen Fragments Wrinkles & Fine Lines" (Poetry) $5.00

Jazz - "Petals & Pebbles, One Women's Path Towards the Light" (Poetry) $10.95

Mike F. Molaire - "Shadow of Dreams" (Poetry) $7.50

Willie A. Price - "This Week in Black History" IV Edition (History/Workbook) $20.00

Theresa Lou Bowick - "Collard Green Curves"  (Health) $14.95